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Toilet Paper Cover

No Other Cover Is Like This Toilet Tissue Paper Cover

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The toilet tissue paper cover unit consists of four pieces. (1) The flat cover that fits over the tissue. (2) A tee shaped platform with an (L) shaped post, or pedestal, that attaches to the underside of the flat cover.  (3) A base bracket that is placed on the wall or cabinet that the platform post fits into, allowing the cover and the platform to float downward as tissue paper is rolled off. (4) moldings that fits on the top of the tissue cover. Progressive photos below will illistrate how to install and use the toilet paper cover.  

Press holding bracket in middle of paper holders
Peel off the adhesive and press into place

Above -- After removing the adhesive back, position the holding bracket in the middle of the toilet paper holder and press. PPP = Peel / Place / Press ...That is all the installation required, no tools needed. Notice that the bracket has a curved lip on either side. The post that is attached to the cover slips into the bracket and the lips keep it in place while allowing the entire cover to slide downward. Go to the description page at the top of this Web site to learn more.

Press holding bracket on and installation is done
So simple to install anyone can do it

Above -- After the bracket in in place, replace the toilet paper on the roller. Notice that the holder bracket is positioned just behind the roll of tissue paper and attached to the wall or cabinet. There are holes for screws in the bracket if so desired. However, there is very little weight pulling on the bracket. Most all the weight is resting on the roll of toilet paper.

After bracket is in place drop in cover pedestal
Can be installed in minutes

Above -- This is a side view of the toilet paper cover being dropped into the holder bracket. The base bracket that attaches to the cabinet, or wall, has no significant amount of weight to pull it out of place, as it is needed mostly to guied the toilet paper cover as it follow the dispensing toilet paper downward. Easy to install. The back of the base bracket has adhesive tape that will peel off. If screws are desired to mount the base bracket, only a screw driver is needed.

Piano hinge allows the cover to lift
expose paper only when it is needed

                      The photo above shows the cover as it is lifted half way up.

Cover stays in the up position until let back down
Just lift the cover and have easy access to the toilet paper.

When the cover is fully lifted up the toilet paper is exposed and easy to access. This photo also shows the underside of the toilet tissue paper cover. There is a fragrance roller that sits on top of the tissue paper and rolls (turns) as the paper is pulled off the roll, causing the fragrance to be dispensed. Even if the roller is not activated the fragrance will still be released as the roller sits. The roller may be removed from the tee hangers and refilled with fragrance such as flavored scent sticks, rock salt fragrance, potpourri, etc.  Just remove the end caps and fill with your fragrance, replace the end caps and reposition the roller.


The cover lifts up to expose the toilet paper roll
When the cover lifted toilet paper is easy to access

After the toilet paper cover is installed it will look like this. The cover will stay in the down position to cover the toilet paper when it is not in use. Just lift the cover that is held with a continuous hinge, better known as a piano hinge, to expose the toilet paper for easy access when toilet paper is needed.

So easy to install.
So easy to remove and never know it was there.

You can now cover toilet tissue paper in a smart, fashionable way. Keep toilet tissue paper out of sight and have your bathroom smelling fresh and clean with this new toilet paper cover and fragrance dispenser. Installation takes only a few seconds. Anyone can install this item ... NO tools needed. 

This toilet paper cover and fragrance dispenser is only $34.99 plus shipping.

Major credit cards accepted.

This toilet paper cover is one of the most unique products. Everyone will be delighted to receive this item as a gift, or, order this toilet paper cover for your own home, you will be glad you did.