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Toilet Paper Cover

Product description

The patent pending toilet paper cover holds and dispenses a fragrance in a bathroom while saving the amount of toilet paper that is ordinarily used. When using this new toilet paper cover, toilet paper is not as free to roll off as usual. Toilet paper! No big deal, you think? North Americans use 50 lbs. per person of tissue papers per year, up from 37 lbs. per person twenty years ago.  Additionally, the user will be able to cover, or council the unsightly roll of toilet paper, as toilet paper is an item of necessity and not used for decorating.

The toilet paper holder attaches to a bathroom cabinet or wall after removing the adhesive tape from the back of the base bracket. The base bracket may also be mounted with screws. Place the bracket evenly between the arms of the toilet paper holder, with the top of the base bracket ½” higher than the roller that holds the toilet paper.  Then place the post of the tee shaped platform into the slot.  The post, or pedestal, fits into the base bracket to keep it stable and fixed over the toilet paper roll as it moves downward.  The cover that is attached to the tee shaped platform will follow the toilet paper downward until the roll is empty.

This toilet paper cover unit consists of four pieces. (1) The flat cover that fits over the paper. (2) A tee shaped platform with an (L) shaped post, or pedestal, attached to the flat paper cover. (3) A base bracket that the platform post fits into, allowing the cover and the platform to float downward. (4)  A molding that fits on the top of the cover.

The tiolet paper cover is held in placed by (2) the tee shaped platform. Two hangers, one on either end, hold the dispenser in place. While being held in place by the hangers, this also allows the dispenser to turn as paper is being dispensed, thus, disturbing and releasing fragrance.  

The dispenser that holds the fragrance is a clear plastic roller with removable caps at either end. Simply removed either cap to fill the dispenser with any fragrance, such as flavored scent sticks, rock salt fragrance, potpourri, etc.

As the toilet paper needs to be replaced, the cover will slide out (upward ) from the base bracket.  The fragrance dispenser will remain in place held by the two hangers underneath. After replacing the toilet paper, slip the pedestal back into the base bracket.  Refill the fragrance dispenser the same way, by removing the cover. Then remove the plastic roller container to refill.  For easy access there is a continuous hinge, or a piano hinge, that allows the cover to lift and expose the toilet paper as it is needed. Let the cover back down when paper is not being used.

The base bracket that attaches to the cabinet, or wall, has no significant amount of weight to pull it out of place, as it is needed mostly to guide the paper cover as it following the dispensing toilet paper downward. Easy to install … as mentioned above, the back of the base bracket has adhesive tape that will peel off.  It's as simple as PPP = Peel, Place and Press. If screws are desired to mount the base bracket, only a screw driver is needed.

The cover is made of stainless steel with a nickel finish. The cover is seven and a half inches long by six inches deep. The fragrance roller underneath is three inches long by one half inch round hard plastic tube.  


Doyle W. Eakin

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This toilet paper cover and fragrance dispenser is only $34.99 plus shipping.

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